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Meeting Schedule:

ALL meetings are currently


Normally Held at Children's Services Council

2300 High Ridge Rd, Boynton Beach

The mission of the Action Alliance is to identify, prioritize and take action

to promote and support education, early identification and access to mental health services.


The founding members of the Action Alliance are Boca Raton’s Promise, Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County,

NAMI Palm Beach County and American Association of Caregiving Youth.  These organizations along with several communities realized the need for a county-wide coalition to support and assist efforts, and promote community awareness and collaboration. Thus, the Action Alliance was formed and became one of the three targeted priorities of the Boca Raton’s Promise.


The Action Alliance is guided by a Steering Committee, which has determined a regular meeting schedule and study groups as needed.  Each community has its own leadership who attend the Action Alliance meetings.  All community based initiatives are presented to the Action Alliance Steering Committee and/or members to allow for maximum utilization of resources and adherence to quality programming.  Individuals from a broad section of each community are welcome members in the Action Alliance.

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