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Know the Weight of your Words!

Watch the CBS 12 News clip below and see youth speak out.

The School District of PBC will bring The Weight of Words

anti-bullying performances to three Palm Beach County Schools.  

It serves as a  "Call to Action" for Schools and Communities. The devastation of bullying takes center stage at several Palm Beach County high schools, licensed to perform "The Weight of Words", which has something to say to people of all ages.  Performances are for students(12+), staff and the community. FREE of Charge.

Anti-bullying Musical Drama is a Countywide Call-To-Action

Directly From Teens

Several years ago, Boca Raton's Promise partnered with Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts and engaged students at several Palm Beach County high schools who performed the powerful anti-bullying musical “The Weight of Words”  and the entire community was invited.  Last year and this year, the School District, through a CDC grant, is able to keep it going with area school performances on February 7th (See locations to the right) Free community performances. 


“The Weight of Words” puts a magnifying glass on the topic of bullying and its effects within a home, a school, a community, our nation, and throughout the world.  The audience hears directly from teens who explore the issues from every angle – the kids being bullied, the bullies themselves, bystanders, parents, teachers, principals, community leaders and lawmakers.  


The Weight of Words was conceived, written and composed by students of the Nova High School Drama Department and the staff of the Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts.  It was introduced to the School District of Palm Beach County through the efforts of Boca Raton’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying mental health needs and resources in our communities, and providing education and activities for early identification and access to services.  District schools identified teachers and students to form troupes in four districts to implement the first year for youth to lead an anti-bullying initiative.

School Performances -

Note: Atlantic High School has postponed there showing, date TBA

PBLCHS Performance 2015 Highlights

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