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Video Resources

Check out this collection of
short Mental Health films. 


Created by the Brave Youth Interns 

I had a Black Dog, His Name is Depression

Produced by the World Health Organization

Real Teens Talking About Adolescent Depression - 

Produced by Erika's Lighthouse

Mental Health 101

Introduction for Young Adults

Produced By ITV

Listen Here

"We Are One"  

The Voices of I AM 1 Women

Produced by Information Television Network in partnership with Boca Raton's Promise.

Interview of Rita Thrasher, President/CEO, Boca Raton's Promise by Emily Pantelides


PBC Action Alliance for Mental Health 

Community Voice Awards 1/17/17

Slideshow of Event Highlights

Action Alliance for Mental Health -Highlights of what some communities are doing to Break the Silence  on mental health.


Boca Raton's Promise PSA

CBS12 Event in Mizner Park

Dr. Abbey Strauss

'Mental Health & Mental Illness

Anxiety 101

Produced by ITV 

Depression 101

Produced By ITV

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