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Lord Anthony Jacobs: Final Gift Leaves Lasting Impact on PBC Education



2014 - PBC Action Alliance for Mental Health mourns passing of philanthropic giant; honors legacy of giving back.            


Lord Anthony Jacobs, a longtime British political leader who maintained a home in Palm Beach County for more than 30 years, passed away recently at age 82.  However, just a few weeks before his passing, Lord Jacobs provided a gift that will benefit youth and education in Palm Beach County for years to come.  The Jacobs Charitable Trust provided $250,000 to Boca Raton’s Promise, a local nonprofit organization that supports education programs geared toward breaking the silence around mental health and addressing related issues such as bullying.  These efforts are coordinated by the Palm Beach County Action Alliance for Mental Health , a coalition of mental health service providers, school officials, advocates and other stakeholders working together to promote and support education, early identification and awareness of  needs throughout the county.

Lord Jacobs planned on delivering this donation during his final days, determined as ever to make a positive impact on the lives of people in our community.  While his failing health prevented him from making a personal delivery, he instead authored a letter announcing the donation, and had a driver deliver the good news just in time for it to be announced at a mental health event in Boca Raton.   Lord Jacobs long ago secured a legacy as a man who cared passionately about people and dedicated his time and wealth to improving education and the arts throughout the world. His support of the PBC Action Alliance for Mental Health has had a profound impact on Breaking the Silence in mental health education.  The accomplishments include providing for five inspirational student-led musical performances of “Weight of Words”  in five Palm Beach Disrict high schools; introducing mental health training for elementary school counselors; co-sponsorship of the PBC Interfaith Initiative; and the launch of sustained mental health community initiatives in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Lake Worth.


Boca Raton’s Promise President & CEO Rita Thrasher, founder of the PBC Action Alliance for Mental Health, is saddened by the loss of Lord Jacobs.  Rita says she is forever grateful to Lord Jacobs, and that it is because of his caring generosity that so many PBC residents are being helped through the Breaking the Silence and Action Alliance projects.  “He was a jovial, kind and beloved friend to many,” she said.  “His generosity will long outlive him and those privileged to know him will rejoice in the good works of Jacobs Charitable Trust for years to come.”


Lord Jacobs maintained a home in Palm Beach for more than 30 years.  He leaves behind his wife Evelyn, son Simon, daughter Nicola and his adored grandchildren.  Lord Jacobs was a lifelong supporter of the Liberal Democrat Party in Great Britain, and was Liberal Democrat Whip for the House of Parliament, retiring from that position in 2011.  He had a highly successful business career spanning 33 years, during which he was Chairman of three major companies:  Nig Securities Group, Tricoville Group and British School of Motoring.

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