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I AM 1 - "Who understands the impact of mental illness"

The BRP advocacy group of 100 Brave Women wearing 1 in 4 t-shirts and I Am1 buttons, invites membership to become 1,000 strong in Palm Beach County. Their efforts are told  in an 8 min. film produced by the Information Television Network. Featuring PBC Moms and Siblings Candidly Sharing Their Struggles and Perspectives.
"We Are One" Watch Below.

The film was premiered at the Action Alliance Voice Awards on January 17, 2017.  It explains why the women are speaking out and telling their stories and the positive actions they are taking through Boca Raton’s Promise and the PBC Action Alliance for Mental Health.


To promote education and awareness about mental illness….

To bring it out of the darkness…

To encourage acceptance, understanding and conversation…


Our stories are testimony of the pain and anguish of mental illness…

and the reason why we want to help others understand that prevention works,

treatment is effective and people can recover.


"I AM 1" Host Voice Awards at Broken Sound Club(Below Left) and Kravis Center(Below Right)














The "I AM 1" Women hosted the 2016 Annual Voice Awards Honoring Elected Officials, taking strides to improve mental health in Palm Beach County. The 150 attendees heard from five honorees nominated by the Action Alliance for helping to ‘Break The Silence’ in mental health. The event provided opportunities for advocates to meet policy makers and share perspectives on providing for mental health in Palm Beach County. Honorees included Sen. Joseph Abruzzo, Rep. Gayle Harrell, Mayor Woodrow Hay, Senator Rene Garcia, Councilwoman Lynne Hubbard, and Rep. Lori Berman (2015).

Short History on "I AM 1"


2014  - Mental Health Campaign BTS - Start Conversations to build awareness at

             Shades of Blue Luncheon at Waterstone Marina -  Announce BOCA BRAVE


2015  - BOCA BRAVE - Organize & Raise Voices to Awaken, Sensitize, Provoke Action

             Established Women's Advocacy -  "I AM 1" - Education Center, BRRH

             Voice Awards to Brave School,  Brave Business, Brave Legislator

             Produced 18-min film "A Community Takes Action" with ITV


2016  - Held first summer film internship for youth with ITV - produced "I PROMISE 2"

             "I AM 1 women created "We Are One",  8 min film with ITV

              Hosted 2016 Voice Awards for Elected Officials, Broken Sound Club

              Hosted 2017 Community Voice Awards, Film Premier at Kravis Center 


2017  - Hometown Premier of "We Are One", introduced I AM 1- Men at Dawson Theater  


What is "I AM 1"

What We Do





Play Mental Health PSA

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